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Location - Nes-Ziona

Site Area - 250 m²

Built Area - 190 m²

Adopting the superficial configuration of different elements of the surrounding suburban houses, House B aligns with and at the same time differentiates itself from its neighbors. It seems to constantly change its shape, form, volume and materiality when observed from different directions. The minimalist front facade, facing the street, appears to give the house significant volume and weight; an impression that is quickly revoked when walking along its side facade towards the entrance pathway. This single-family house in the center of Israel, was created for a young family with a particular brief. The Ground floor is characterized by an open-space plan, containing the kitchen, dining and living areas and is directly connected to the cozy exterior garden by large sliding glass doors. The first floor contains the bedrooms, service and storage spaces. The two levels are connected by a concrete staircase, enclosed by a laser-cut metal Mashrabiya. The skylight above it, controls the  filtration and penetration of light and air from the roof, allowing it to flow to the common spaces on the first and ground levels while creating a constantly changing light and shadow spectacle of textures and silhouettes on the double-height staircase wall. 

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