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Location - Ramat-Hasharon

Site Area - 500 m²

Built Area - 430 m²

The main idea and building techniques behind this house were inspired by traditional Mediterranean coastline architecture. The design approach focuses on articulating contemporary methods to local construction tradition and materials, blending past with present.

This three-story house on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv, is the home of an active family, that enjoys hosting as part of their daily life. It was constructed using mostly local natural materials. Its carefully planned and positioned metal framed openings, shielded by wooden shutters, keep a comfortable interior temperature throughout the year, while providing filtered natural light and shelter from the blazing summer sun. The rough earthen-plaster finish of the exterior insinuates humbly of the richness in natural materials and warmth of its interior, that conveys a pleasant and homey ambiance, an atmosphere of being and living in familiar, embracing, spaces.

The house rises above street level with a series of ramps leading to the underground and entrance level. The large wooden entrance door leads to a space confined by walls with arched openings, that serves as a circulation core. It leads to a large common area on one side and to an independent bedroom suite on the other. The concrete staircase leads to the semi-excavated basement and first floor levels. The large space accommodating the kitchen, dining and living area are the heart of the house and fluently connect to the exterior garden. The white concrete floor, the earthen plaster finished kitchen built on site, and the exposed wood beams in the ceilings are part of the design vocabulary, that offers a tranquil and laid back spatial experience, providing the perfect setting for everyday activities welcoming family and friends.

The master bedroom and two children’s bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms are located on the first floor. The high, exposed wood ceiling structure creates an inspirational living and bathing space in the master bedroom. In the children’s bedrooms, the high ceiling is utilized as sleeping galleries, freeing up floor space at the lower level for playing, studying and hosting friends. The surrounding terraces tiled with concrete tiles, add exterior spaces to all three bedrooms.

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