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A House in the Country

Location - Avigdor

Site Area -  525 m²

Built Area - 170 m²

This project is a homage to the nostalgic ‘Jewish Agency house’ typology of the 1950’s, widespread in the Kibbutz and Moshav as an immediate and affordable housing solution for the newly arrived immigrants. As in the original typology, this is a humble, single story residence. Its architectural solution was derived by an ample metamorphosis of an existing ‘generic’ suburban house from the 80’s, that was originally built by the client's family and existed on site. The plot of this single-family house is situated on the outskirts of the Moshav, surrounded by persimmon plantations and eucalyptus groves. The rhythmic openings in the façade, provide constantly changing viewpoints of the surrounding fields. This home accommodates a young family and their activities and serves as a containing space where memories are made, and everyday life welcomes family and friends.

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